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In current age where laboratories desire to have a best in class automation and Quality Control programmes in a view to attain Analytical excellence, preanalytical stage is still ignored in most cases, owing to lack of expertise, dearth of uniform protocols and practices across various cross-sections of laboratories. A fact that the Preanalytical phase involves maximum human intervention and has negligible automation makes it even more prone to errors. Also, all the international studies have reinforced the fact that Preanalytical stage contributes to almost 60-70% of errors occurring in clinical laboratories.

This gave birth to debate among laboratories to adapt best Preanalytical Quality Control practices, specified assessments, continuous training and innovative product solutions to address the current concerns related to preanalytical stage. Here, PreQ was structured with the vision to partner with clinical laboratories attain highest level of Preanalytical excellence. Preanalytical Quality Management Programmes offered by PreQ will assist laboratories to access, analyze the Preanalytical errors occurring in their institutes, and our expert team will address these areas of concern with continuous training and assessment calendar.

Preanalytical expertise of our team and consultative approach is what make us different from any other organization.

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