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Newborn "Heel Stick" Screening is a procedure often performed to detect certain life-threatening Congenital Disorders. A few drops of blood could change a child's life and future development. SteriHeel is the crucial first step in the process of early detection so that potential life -saving treatment can be given.
Smaller incision allows the site to heal quicker. Improved testing accuracy produces a more natural blood flow. Large firing button for precise placement and easy of use. Safety feature eliminates reuse. TYVEK sealed blister packaging. Hospital - grade stainless steel Micro-blade. High speed and accurate incision glide path. Specific color for each size for greater visual distinction.

Color Specification Quantity
Yellow High, 2.5 mm Length , 1.0 mm Depth
Orange Hight, 1.75 mm Length, 0.85 mm Depth
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