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$ 450 / Rs 25000
PreQ Safe Rest™
PreQ Safe Rest™ phlebotomy chair ensure the comfort of your patients with its cushion and movement adjustable design. It is assembled with adjustable knobs on both sides of the seat for easier, safer adjustments and allows performing comfortable phlebotomy procedure for all kind of patients. Plus the detachable tray helps for easy access of Phlebotomy material during Blood collection procedure. The Cushion padded flip-up arm rest and protector helps protect your patients in the event they slump forward or faint, and allow support for arm movement during blood collection. The sturdy, powder-coated metal base is reinforced with a horizontal cross bar that also acts as a footrest to support shorter legs and help stabilize the patient. PreQ Safe Rest™ phlebotomy chairs are ideal for clinical labs, outpatient centres hospitals or anywhere you need for safe and comfortable blood draw.
Unique Features:
Specially designed grooved and cushioned arm-rest of proper positioning of arm during Phlebotomy procedure.(In accordance with CLSI blood collection best practice guideline for positioning of arm during collection)
Tilting feature in arm rest allows best practice in blood collection.(CLSI guidelines recommend arm should be protruded towards gravity to aid Venous blood flow during collection)
360? rotatable and height adjustable armrest, comforts positioning during collection.
Intelligently designed seat, provides comfortable seating to all sizes of all sizes of patients.
Removable Utility tray helps for comfortable access for phlebotomy accessories during blood collection.
Cushioned safe rest flip-up allows safety and comfort during collection.
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