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Gel & Clot Activator
Additive: Gel & Clot Activator
Gel & Clot Activator Tube is used for Clinical biochemistry and immunology. Inside the tube there is a barrier gel present at the bottom, which is a pure Substance very stable in physical and chemical features. The barrier gel with high temparature-resisiting property will not change inside at all. After centrifugation, the barrier can effectively separate the serum from fibrins and cells, while preventing substance exchange between blood cell and serum. As a result, it can keep biochemical Characters and chemical components of serum unchanged for a long time. Serum can also be aspirated directly from the collection tube, no need for transfer to another container.
Intend Use
Determination in serum for clinical chemistry,biochemistry immunology, and serology.
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Size Volume Color Tube Material Quantity
13 x 75 mm 3.5 ml Golden Plastic
13 x 75 mm 4 ml Golden Plastic
13 x 100 mm 5 ml Golden Plastic
16 x 100 mm 8.5 ml Golden Plastic
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