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Glucose Tube
Additive: Potassium oxalate / sodium fluoride or EDTA / Sodium Fluoride
Additive State: Powder
Glucose Tube is used in blood collection and anticoagulation for the analysis such as blood sugar, sugar tolerance, anti-alkali hemoglobin, erythrocyte electrophoresis and sugar hemolysis. It is available with different additives, sodium fluoride / potassium oxalate and sodium fluoride/EDTA. Owing to the first use if special stabilizer and surface treatment inside the tube, preq glucose tube successfully solves the unavoidable hemolysis and prevent the occurrence of insoluble and anti-coagulation substances. So it can guarantee the value of blood sugar can be kept in variable within 72 hours.
Intend Use
Determination in stabilised anticoagualtion whole blood or plasma for glucose and lactate testing.

Size Volume Color Tube Material Quantity
13 x 75 mm 2 ml Grey Plastic
13 x 75 mm 3 ml Grey Plastic
13 x 75 mm 4 ml Grey Plastic
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