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Additive: K2 EDTA
Additive State: Liquid or Powder
Gel & EDTA.K2 Tube is a kind of EDTA.K2 Tube for a special use: the preparation of undiluted plasma specimen instead of whole blood specimen. There are two kinds of additives inside: insert separation gel at the bottom of the tube and EDTA.K2 sprayed in the interior surface above gel. Through Centrifugation, the separation gel can form a barrier between plasma and blood cell and totally separate them, while keeping the original characters of plasma. Clinical specimen is then obtained, suitable for analysis of virus capacity and molecular diagnostics of undiluted plasma.
Intend Use
Determination in EDTA whole blood for hematology.

Size Volume Color Tube Material Quantity
13 x 75 mm 2 ml Lavender Plastic
13 x 75 mm 3 ml Lavender Plastic
13 x 75 mm 4 ml Lavender Plastic
13 x 100 mm 5 ml Lavender Plastic
13 x 100 mm 6 ml Lavender Plastic
16 x 100 mm 10 ml Lavender Plastic
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