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Gel & Clot Activator Tube
What is Gel Tube?
Gel tubes are Serum tubes, with presence of clot activator and separator Acrylic gel for automatic separation of clot and serum during centrifugation.
Gel and Clot Activator
Gel Advantages:
  • Gel forms Stable barrier between the Separated serum and clot.
    • Prevents interference of substances released from blood clot into serum ( eg : release of K+ / LDH from Lysed RBC’s).
    • Gel Serves as excellent tube medium for transportation and storage of Specimen.
  • Allows use of primary tubes on analyzers.
  • Allows storage of specimens in primary tubes.
  • Eliminates time of serum transfer and aliquoting, Hence Improves turnaround time.
  • Reduces the risk of contamination and exposure of sample to atmosphere during multiple transfers.
  • Reduces waste and contamination
  • Reduces labeling error, invited by repeated aliquoting.
  • Eliminates cost of secondary aliquot assembly - Aliquot tubes, transfer pipette tip , Multiple labels.
Salient Benefits:
  • Analyte values remain stable on storage in separated gel for up to 7 days.
  • Since the Clot is separated within 1 hr of collection, in such case Gel tubes can be used to even perform Glucose test, as studies have shown Glycolysis in Gel separated clot will not affect serum glucose values. Hence Gel Tubes have benefit in saving cost of Fluoride tubes in patient with multi parameter test.