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Preanalytical Variables and their Influence on the Quality ...
Protecting Yourself When Handling Contaminated Sharps
Improving patient care through Esoteric Laboratory ...

MAYO Clinic Article: Improving patient care through esoteric laboratory ( December 2008 ) - Preanalytic Laboratory Errors: Identification and Prevention
Preanalytical error prevention requires excellent communication and cooperation among all members of the health care team, from the phlebotomist who collects the specimen, to the courier who picks up the samples for transport to the testing laboratory, to the personnel receiving the specimen. The education of health care professionals involved in procedures for the collecting, handling, preparing, and transporting biological specimens is crucial to understanding the effects of preanalytic variables on specimen quality.

Optimal specimen condition and reliable results are achieved by collaboration between the collecting and receiving laboratories. With close attention to established procedures and instructions, preanalytical error is minimized. In turn, patient care improves..

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OSHA: Protecting Yourself When Handling Contaminated Sharps
Sharps are objects that can penetrate a worker's skin, such as needles, scalpels, broken glass, capillary tubes and the exposed ends of dental wires. If blood or other potentially infectious materials ...

Preanalytical Variables and their Influence on the Quality of Laboratory Results
A 40 year old male was hospitalized with a serum potassium of 8.0 mmol/L obtained on a non-hemolyzed specimen. Treatment that was administered to lower serum potassium levels were apparently ...

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